Self-Driving Cars using 2D/3D Action and Explanation Prediction

πŸ“… Feb. 2021 - Present β€’ πŸ”ŽMore Info
A neural network model currently in development for self-driving cars. Utilizes multimodal fusion with 2D images and 3D pointclouds to predict navigation actions. Additionally, 2D and 3D explanations are jointly predicted to provide intuitive explanations for model decisions.

CMOS Image Sensor Quality Analysis

πŸ“… Jun. 2015 - Sep. 2016 β€’ πŸ”ŽMore Info
A suite of tools to analyze image sensor quality. Depicts the sensors’ silicon wafer with indications of areas with the most unstable sensor chips. Also provides functions like history recording, re/undo, statistics calculation, pixel editing, and image transformations, behind a user-friendly GUI.