About Me

Hi! I recently obtained a Masters in Machine Learning and Data Science at UC San Diego, April 2022. I have been researching computer vision at the Statistical Visual Computing Laboratory for 5 years. My passion is applying software engineering to cutting-edge ML/AI research, towards solving challenging real-world problems.

In my research, I have focused on various topics including 2D/3D detection, domain adaptation, autonomous vehicle navigation, GANs, 3D reconstruction, embeddings, self-supervised learning, efficient ML, and explainable ML. For details, please see the projects page.

Previously, I earned a Bachelors degree from UC San Diego in Computer Science. More details can be found in my resume.

Highlights and News

  • 🎓 Graduated UCSD with Masters Degree in Machine Learning and Data Science. My MS thesis studies learned visual invariances with hierarchical dataset design. [Apr. 2022]
  • 📜 Paper on test-time 3D shape refinement for domain robustness published at CVPRW 2022. [Apr. 2022]
  • 🎉 Awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRFP) from the US National Science Foundation Agency. [Mar. 2020]
  • 🎉 Awarded Sloan Graduate Fellowship from the Sloan Foundation. [Sep. 2019]
  • 📜 Paper on neural network robustness published at CVPR 2019. [Jun. 2019]
  • 🎓 Graduated Magna Cum Laude at UCSD, B.Sc in Computer Science. [Jun. 2019]
  • 🎉 Won UCSD Undergraduate Research Award (2 students awarded yearly). [May 2019]
  • 🎉 Awarded an NSF REU Research Grant. [Sep. 2018]
  • 🎉 Awarded the Qualcomm Alumni Scholarship. [Sep. 2018]
  • 🏫 TA for DSC 40A/B, 2 new data science courses at UCSD. [Jan. 2018]


  • Primary email: BrandnLeung@gmail.com
  • Secondary email: b7Leung@ucsd.edu